Traditional Kitchen Sink Taps

The warmth and inviting feel of a traditional kitchen is beloved by all. Vintage and classic homes are timeless, even though there have been a few modern designs.

The traditional Kitchen Mixer Taps are made from brass and finished in stylish polished chrome.

It's fine to have a classic kitchen, but vintage taps can add an extra dimension to the space. These beautiful vintage mixer taps offer a relaxing experience and convenient options that allow you to control your water temperature.

Conventional sink taps are made from ceramic technology, which ensures maximum durability and drip-free sophistication.

Traditional kitchen taps have a long life expectancy and provide constant water flow. However, our traditional pull-out kitchen tap is made from high quality materials and has dual controls for ease of use.

We will now show you some of the most popular traditional kitchen sink taps.

Eco Single Lever Monobloc Kitchen Mixer Tap

The Eco Single Lever Monobloc Kitchen Mixer Tap can improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Single Lever Monobloc Kitchen Mixer Tap

The single lever design of this kitchen sink mixer allows seamless regulation of water flow rate and temperature.

The ceramic disc valves make the taps leakproof and more durable. The spout is also swivel-operable, allowing water to flow exactly where it needs to without having the entire device move.

The Eco Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap has been designed to work with systems that have medium to high water pressure.

Chelsea Twin Lever Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap

This Chelsea traditional kitchen mixer tap features a unique design that is finished with polished chrome.

Twin lever action twin-lever hot and cold controls allow for accurate temperature control. Cold water can also be kept from being mixed with heat.

This tap is the best for low-pressure homes. This tap is not only stunning, but it also has a swivel handle that makes it functional.

Astra Chrome Plated Pair Traditional Kitchen Sink Pillar Taps

Traditional Kitchen Sink Pillar Taps

The Astra Kitchen Sink Pillar Taps are a practical addition to any kitchen.

These traditional kitchen taps have both hot and cold indices that provide safe operation. This reduces the risk of accidental scorching even in heavy use. They are suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Traditional Florentine Deck Mounted Tap with Dual Lever Handles

This Florentine kitchen tap is attractive and will match your kitchen decor. The mixer's traditional chrome appearance is complemented by the screw-down mechanism handle.

The kitchen tap features a simple-to-use swivel handle. It's made from sturdy brass with a chrome finish and will give you an unrivalled, effortless performance.

Deck-mounted sink mixers with ceramic disc cartage are ideal for creating a pleasant experience. They require LP 0.2 water pressure.

  • Crosswater Belgravia Dual Lever Kitchen Mixer
  • Belgravia Kitchen taps are a remarkable range for those who love tradition.


Perrin & Rowe's Traditional Kitchen tap range is designed to give you timeless style for a classic setting in your kitchen. Each piece is handmade from solid brass and has the hallmarks of luxury quality.


Grohe kitchen taps have a generous 379mm height which will allow for plenty of space to transport your dishes, pots, and pans around the sink. Grohe kitchen faucets are known for their high quality and outstanding functionality.